About us

I’ve always been a busy person and can’t sit still for a minute. I’ve travelled to over 100 countries, many obscure locations and usually visited in a non-conventional manner. I have also always kept myself busy when in the UK with days out, festivals, learning new skills, sporting events, music and, my most favourite past time, the theatre. I used to see a theatre performance¬†at least once a fortnight, even seeing one play while in the early stage of labour. So when a baby came along and everyone told me that I’d have to change my lifestyle, I thought they were right. It turns out they weren’t.

My daughter was born in May 2014 and since nagging to be discharged from the hospital we’ve been out and about all over the place. I obviously attend many things for her benefit but I fit in many adult activities with her in tow as well.

These are the adventures of a single mother, who can’t sit still, and a baby, who surprisingly enough, likes stimulation and not much sleeping!