Ballet: Sleeping Beauty


December 2018

Now I am not a ballet fan particularly, even though I love all other forms of stage entertainment; theatre, music events, comedy etc. The ballet to me is too long and therefore I get a bit sleepy. My mind may be changed after watching kid’s ballet however. We have now watched two shows by Let’s All Dance. The shows are perfectly adapted to the shorter concentration span yet still tell the story perfectly. We have been to a few now and will keep going!

This particular show was, as usual, in a well used venue which usually has adult (not ‘adult) performances in the evening. The Bunker Theatre. What better way to make full use of the stage and auditorium than to use it in the day for kids and families. Changing the bar to a tea and coffee station and the programme seller for, in this case, a flashing tiara stall!


The seating was well raked for little people to get a good view and they added an additional row of cushions at the front so that children could sit at their parents’ feet. There is also no stuffy atmosphere. Apart from telling the children at the front to not walk onto the stage, the kids are free to enjoy however they want.

We watched Sleeping Beauty which was introduced with some ballet descriptions. The movements for love, death, sleep and many more. Not only helping the children understand the story but me too! The show was about an hour long, told the story perfectly and not a sleepy head in sight. The costumes were fantastic and the ballet skills in my opinion. I had a little budding ballet dancer with me and she loved it too.

Baby friendly info:

The Bunker Theatre allowed buggy parking inside the auditorium and had great seating for the kids. The toilets are tiny but there is one accessible cubicle.

There is a large ramp into the theatre so be careful with buggies or if it is wet/slippery.

The nearest tube/train station is London Bridge which is step free.

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