24hrs in Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Turns out 24hrs stuck in an airport isn’t too bad (assuming it is a half decent airport of course). Due to some dodgy weather and our connecting flight being only once daily, we found ourselves in Frankfurt Airport for a whole day.


It was a slightly stressful evening after running for our flight we then had to get through the maze of corridors to find the Lufthansa help desk before it closed. We were given a hotel inside the terminal, so it was then also slightly tense getting in as the airport closes at 10pm and we were given our voucher at 9pm. We bought dinner with vouchers as instructed but then had to go through security to the hotel which wasn’t expected. Luckily the small child appeal works much better when the security guards know you aren’t getting on a plane, so the jobsworths tone is not needed and it’s perfectly fine to take bottles of wine through the scanner (that you bought with your daughter’s left over dinner vouchers as she only eats plain rice….)
We paid to extend our hotel stay to 10am, check out is normally 8am then paid by for by the hour. Ludicrous! Lufthansa’s cheap hotel policy, apparently other airlines pay for a longer stay. We did have more food vouchers for lunch and dinner though which was more than enough to stuff our faces and to relax me with more wine 😉

What to do?

I studied the airport map and installed the app to decide how to spend the whole day, didn’t want the faff of going into town and back again. 
First stop was the playground outside the hotel so that killed a few minutes, then a breakfast stop while we waited for the US flights to board. Our first destination was in the US terminal wing which for some reason you cannot enter without a US boarding pass, unless no flights are leaving. Our prime goal of the day, the cinema area. We finally got there and shared a seat for a while until we got the whole TV to ourselves. Each TV has to swivel chairs and numerous films to choose from. We watched two Minion films and Zoolander 2 for me, hilarious. Not child appropriate so some distraction techniques were used, Betty made a picnic on the floor for her toys, but she still says ‘I love you’ every time she sees Derek Zoolander, oops!


After sitting on our arses for a few hours we decided to explore more and move terminal. Close by was a gaming station, and there were games for all tastes, platform style and shoot em up games both using standard controllers or the full body movement style games using a camera to track the player. Even though most video games are too difficult for Betty (and me) we loved the movement ones so did some dance along games with Moana and other characters.

Scooter Case!

There were many more playgrounds to be found and lots of fun to be had on the super smooth floor with the scooter case. An excellent purchase on my part, if I do say so myself. The case part housed magazines and toys for Betty, also her favourite snacks and pyjamas. Then when needed the handle extends and a flip down board with wheels turns it into a scooter. We covered a huge amount of ground in that one day alone so it was well worth bringing it, I would not have been able to carry her and all of the hand luggage. Why is hand luggage always so heavy?? I blame technology!

We took many rides on the terminal monorail so we pretended to be driver a lot. We passed security again and again, experts at that now.
Visited another terminal with better food options and still had hours left before our flight as obviously further delays. The day did pass incredibly quickly though, so wasn’t as awful as I imagined. I think Betty actually preferred it to some of our actual holiday! If only it had been Changi, I could go on holiday in that airport!

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