Streatham Kite Day

14th May 2017

Streatham Kite Day is an annual event held on Streatham Common. I have visited every year since moving to the area and always have a great time. The common has a large cordoned off arena for professional shows throughout the day but there is plenty of room around for flying your own kites too. We made our own using the instructions on the website. Not only did it work brilliantly, we also met the designer who was so pleased that he saw one in action. It only needed a bin bag, some sticks, string and sticky tape. Betty managed to fly it all on her own as the common has some great winds as you centre up the slope.

Streatham Kite Day

The professional shows amaze me every time. I can just about get a kite into the air and keep in there for a few minutes. The experts fly their kites in actual dances in time with the music, then they add a partner and have tandem shows. Utterly mind blowing. The wind takes my kite wherever it wants.

The arena area is filled with community stalls. My WI sell cakes, the community garden sells plants, there are local groups promoting their activities and a few charities. Lots of food stalls and the local brewery, Ink Spot, have the bar covered. For even more entertainment there are a series of bouncy castle type attractions for the kids. Overall a great family day out.

Baby/Toddler friendly info:

The closest train station is Streatham which only has step free access on one platform (in certain hours). A regular campaign point in the area.

The common is fully accessible but bumpy in areas so an all terrain buggy is preferable. Especially if it’s muddy.