Robot Zoo – Horniman Museum

25th February 2017

The Horniman museum is always a favourite for us, even the permanent exhibitions keep us amused for hours. This time we went to the temporary exhibition, Robot Zoo. It’s not free like the rest of the museum but well worth the admission fee.

The Robot Zoo is in the downstairs exhibition space, accessible by lift and next to the buggy park area. It’s a one in one out policy so there is queueing at times. We went after having lunch in the cafe upstairs and only waited a few minutes.

The whole exhibition is exactly as you would expect from the title, animal robots. All moving, beeping and flashing, with information boards about the special features of the particular creature. As Betty loves Octonauts, she particularly like the platypus and giant quid and she could name them easily.

There are themed activities to join in with, hanging like a bat, squid racing and camouflage photo area. Also a body of a platypus with different appendages to affix. Should he have an elephant’s truck or pig trotters? As Betty is obsessed with batman we spent a long time hanging like bats and simulating their sense of sound for determining distance. We came away with the knowledge of so many new skills.

We could have spent all afternoon in there but we also enjoyed the standard attractions upstairs including the stuffed animals and creative area for drawing and colouring.

Baby/toddler friendly info:

The whole museum is buggy friendly, but the Robot Zoo asks you to leave them in the buggy park to allow more space for the activities.

There are lifts to all floors.

The toilets have baby changing.

The cafe has plenty of kids options.