Mini Rumpus – the Vaults

5th March 2017

We have been to the vaults for kids’ festivals before and always had a fun time, sometimes with additional theatre thrown in. This time was Mini Rumpus with a woodland theme. Many adults took this on board more than the children, if only I’d known! Betty went dressed in her favourite bunny outfit so was very pleased even if I was in standard clothes.

The event caters for all ages of child with a huge range of activities and shows. We did some interactive bongo drumming, hula hooping and giant connect 4. Then some dancing in the tiny tots and babies area. The main stage had magicians, beatboxers and a brilliant band with stringed instruments, Betty watched from my shoulders for quite a while. So many crafting areas, we made bunny ears, face masks and decorations. All of the materials included in the entrance fee.

The face painting queue never went down so we avoided that, but had fun with play doh, colouring pens and building blocks. The bar is also open to refresh the adults of the group, so fun for the whole family!

Baby/Toddler friendly info:

Waterloo station is step free if arriving by train. Not step free if using the tube.

There is a step free entrance to Leak Street and the Vaults, take the  far exit from Waterloo station (right from the platforms) onto the taxi rank. Then follow the road to the right to the stairs and take a left, this pedestrian ramp can be taken and then a U turn to get into Leak Street.

A free buggy park is provided and chargeable cloakroom if needed.

The cafe/bars provide child friendly snacks and drinks.