Magic Lanterns – Chiswick House

10th February 2017

So glad Chiswick house started to use their quiet period for the magic lanterns festival. This is becoming an annual tradition in our household. We pick an earlyish slot so we can get home at a reasonable hour, and luckily it’s plenty dark enough at this time of year.

This year’s festival has a Silk Road theme, although many amusing Chinese Disney rip offs in sight also. I bet they didn’t have permission for all of those. But they do have a full on Disney princess castle in their Wonderland theme park so it’s never stopped them before 🙂

The entrance has moved so now it’s quite a long walk in, but the whole path is decorated with lanterns so it’s a warm up to the real event. Betty loved naming each of the zodiac animals as we walked along. The whole route is pushchair friendly which is excellent because it’s quite a long walk for little legs.

The views on the water are stunning, with the lights reflected in all their magnificence. It wasn’t too busy so we had great views of every lantern. I have to say I much preferred the theme and lanterns last year but these were still excellent.

After the route ends there is an amusement and eating area with a small souvenir shop. They haven’t really exploited this as much as they could have so we didn’t stay here long. The hot drink trucks as you go round the lantern route are brilliant. Delicious hot chocolate (dark, milk or white) with added flavours and shots!

Baby/Toddler friendly info:

Chiswick station is a short walk from the venue but does have stairs to cross the platforms.

The whole route is pushchair friendly. If you aren’t feeling strong, avoid the steep bridge and take the wheelchair alternate route.

There are toilets at the end with the standard facilities of portable toilets.