How to Hide a Lion – Polka Theatre

28th January 2017

The Polka theatre is especially for children and makes for a fun day out, more than just the shows. The foyer has lots of activities to enjoy so you don’t even notice the wait for the auditorium to open. Ride ons toys, reading corner, puppets and dress up.

How to Hide a Lion is a well known children’s book by Helen Stephens, adapted into a puppet based play. Excellent characters and scenery and a very loveable lion. The changing perspective between scenes confused Betty slightly so she thought there was a daddy lion and a baby lion but she still enjoyed the show. The two performers were excellent.

While we were there it was also an international crafting weekend to get kids making. Therefore we made a hat for free in the back room of the theatre. Excellent, slightly messy fun.

The Polka theatre also has a fantastic play area. Wooden climbing frame/building and a tiny Tudor house to play in. We had lots of fn out there until the rain came in, including a few rainbows. We need to get there earlier to try out the on site cafe too!

Baby/Toddler friendly info:

The Polka theatre provides a buggy park area in the foyer and coat pegs along the corridor so you don’t need to feel overloaded in the performance

There are baby changing facilities

Many performances are for very young ones and there have baby friendly performances on some weekends.

The foyer has lots of entertainment for playing before/after the performance. Rocking horses (and dolphins), dressing up, colouring, reading. Outside has a play area with climbing and a house.