Dinosaur Trail – Osterley House and Gardens

1st April 2017

As a National Trust member, I do like to use any chance to visit a property to ensure I get my money’s worth. Osterley House was also hosting a dinosaur trail in their grounds, so double the excuse to visit. The Jurassic Kingdom attraction was not included in the NT membership, but the £7 parking fee was.

Betty is dinosaur obsessed and knows at least 15 different names. We used to have to play bingosaurus every night but luckily that addiction has waned slightly. I struggle to pronounce half of them! The trail in Osterley park grounds is through woodland but pushchair accessible and begins with a huge, roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex. That scared Betty immediately so she didn’t even want to start. Luckily she was strapped in the pushchair so couldn’t escape so I just walked past and carried on.

The dinosaurs are varying sizes but all huge. They have sensors so start moving and roaring as you get close to add to the effect. We saw lots that we knew the names of and a couple of new ones. Betty particularly liked the baby hatching from the egg.

Many clearings have further activities to take part in such as sand pits, eggs to climb in and dinosaurs to ride on. In the food area at the beginning/end there are some small rubber dinosaurs with wheels to ride. Betty has calmed down by the end so wasn’t scared to give that a try.

Lots of merchandise to avoid at the end but quite a few food options.

We continued past to the NT cafe and had a cream tea and then visited the house and gardens. The house doesn’t allow pushchairs but they have an undercover area to park them. As it was close to Easter there was a treasure hunt for bunnies in the house, but as Betty doesn’t like chocolate we didn’t pay to take part. The house was very impressive, in the sections you can visit and the formal gardens were very relaxing.

Baby/toddler friendly info:

The dinosaur trail is pushchair friendly, but the noise of the dinosaurs may be scary for some. The food area has lots of options and sweet treats.

The cafe has many kid friendly options and is pushchair friendly with high chairs.

The house has a buggy park undercover outside, the gardens allow pushchairs.