Me – Little Angel Theatre

11th December 2017

A second trip to the Little Angel Theatre in one month, we do love it there. This time the main auditorium and back to puppets on the stage. The tale of a baby penguin and his quest to understand the world around him.

He starts by emerging from his mother’s fur, hidden under the fold by her feet. Although I thought this was meant to be the father in the penguin world, but it sounded like the mother. Then lots of slipping and sliding on the snow, gliding through the water learning to swim

Quite mesmerising and also somehow made me feel chilly just from looking at the snow. Not much dialogue so easy for the young ones to understand. Almost magical.

Baby friendly info:

The theatre allows buggies to be left in the foyer during the performance. There are changing facilities. 

Babes in arms are included in the adult ticket but are only permitted to attend certain performances . These tickets can only be booked by phone.