Treasure Hunt

22nd October 2016

After the success of our escape the room, we thought we’d try a treasure hunt. Also it’s easier to have a toddler in tow when moving around a lot and there aren’t lots of clues to be played with, or so we thought…

To follow the treasure hunt you send a text when you are at the start then have to respond to the clues. If correct, you get the next clue and so on. You can request hints and assistance but then you get docked points. I can’t post many pictures as don’t want to give any of the trail away! It starts at the V&A museum and there are a few clues inside so make sure you pick up a map to know where the lifts are as the actual trail takes you up a spiral staircase.


It’s a fun few hours chasing the wicked queen, with some nice rest spots in some friendly pubs. One clue involves some lettered tiles so keep those out of the hands of any babies and toddlers otherwise you’ll find it much harder to solve!

Hope to try another one once the weather warms up.

Baby/Toddler friendly info

There are a few steps on the treasure hunt but this can be avoided if you take a few detours.

The pubs in the breaks are quite small so not much buggy access.