Christopher Nibble – Lyric Theatre

10th September 2016

The Hammersmith Lyric theatre often has shows for children and we’ve seen quite a few there. They seem more geared up for kids every time we visit. Buggy parking, lifts, kids snacks, it’s a great venue.

This time we saw Christopher Nibble, the tale of a guinea pig who has to protect the last dandelion in the land. Can he manage to let it grow to create more seeds or will he succumb to temptation and eat it before it develops a puffball? Quite a strong eco message for little ones but they just enjoy the puppets and fun sets. Also reminds me of the common child test where they can have one sweet now or five in 10minutes if they don’t eat this one. That works easily on Betty but not with her desired outcome, as she won’t eat sweets. She would rather not eat the first and not be given any more!

Lots of songs and dancing, and even a little meet and greet with Christopher after the show. Didn’t get quite the transfixation as usual from Betty as with other shows, perhaps the tale was too grown up for the little ones. Quite enjoyable though.

Baby/Toddler friendly info:

There are lifts to the auditoriums and buggy parking.

There are baby changing facilities in the toilets.

The cafe has baby/toddler food.