Berlin – christmas markets and zoo

19th November 2016

Love a European weekend away and combining with Christmas markets just makes it better. Betty has only visited about 10 countries so has a long way to go to catch me up therefore a new one for her, Germany.

Unfortunately there is clamp down on Airbnb over there, my accommodation of choice with little ones, so we went for a kind of cool and swanky hotel instead.  Almost everything was pink and they had free hire of guitars and turntables. Turned out not ideal though as I planned to hide in the bathroom so that Betty would go to sleep each evening, but the bathroom wall was made of glass so she could see me!


Berlin Zoo

This was one of our highlights of the weekend, Berlin zoo has a wide range of animals to see. Some excellent habitats and interesting views of the animals. The penguins and hippos were a treat with up close views under the water. Also lots of playgrounds for outdoor fun even in the cold. There is a small farm section also where you can stroke and feed the animals.

Free Walk

We took the free guided walk around the city, about 3 hours long. Got to see the major sights and learn some history. From Brandenburg Gate, past the holocaust memorial, Hitler’s grave, checkpoint charlie and the wall remnants. The walk only has a couple of steps towards the end which the guide was more than happy to help with.


Many of the museums were aimed at adults and slightly dull for a toddler so we visited the DDR museum under advice from the walk guide. It was not only interesting for me, the life in the former East Germany, but lots of interactive exhibits for Betty too. Handles to turn, flaps to look under and a great car simulation in a classic Trabi. I could have learnt a lot from the interactive table if it wasn’t so fun that all the kids played on it making the information disappear before I could read it! The museum has a disabled access gate and toilet so you can take a pushchair around it.

Berlin DDR

Christmas Market

There are many markets to choose from in Berlin from late November onwards. They are mainly pushchair friendly but cobbled so a bit bumpy. The main issue is the amount of people attending so a little tricky navigating between stalls. Great mulled wine while Betty napped in her pushchair.

Baby/Toddler friendly info:


Public Transport is not ideal for pushchair users. Not only are there few lifts, there are also few people offering to help! I was thoroughly exhausted after a weekend of lugging the buggy up and down the stairs around the city. Once an older lady offered to help and I had to accept as close to collapse. Much younger men and women just looked on.


Multinational food is available as you would expect in a large European city. Few highchairs and kids options on the menu though. Due to the time difference we would often be out later than at home to keep a regular bed time for Betty. No-one seemed to mind her being in restaurants or bars. She had fun picking me beers from the list even though she didn’t know what they were.