The Tiger who came to Tea – Theatre

The Tiger who came to Tea

14th August 2016

The variety of children’s theatre these days is fantastic, from their favourite books reimagined to totally new stories and tales. The venues, if not solely for children, also cater well for the different age of audience. This show was in Cadogan Hall, quite a grand venue near Sloane Square so not your usual rough and tumble kids location and a posher audience too. The cafe served hot drinks for the parents and a wide variety of kids food such as fruit sweets and muesli bars. There was a small stand selling the book and other related paraphernalia including toy tigers. Luckily managed to distract Betty away from there until the tigers had sold out so she didn’t ask for one.

The Tiger who came to Tea

We haven’t actually read the book but the children around me let me know this story was slightly different, I imagine to pad it out. Betty loved it anyway. Clever movement around the stage, good catchy songs and the tiger was excellent. I assumed it was the same actor as the father so was slightly freaked out when they both came onto the stage at the end. The show captivated Betty’s attention for the whole duration and there was a fun song with audience participation towards the end. Also some panto fun with a bit of ‘he’s behind you’.

Really enjoying getting Betty into the theatre, so pleased she still likes it as she is growing up and keeping her attention is getting tougher and tougher. Once again she was mesmerised by the action on the stage.

Baby/Toddler Friendly info:
Cadogan Hall provided a buggy park area in the foyer. There are steps to this area but if you take your child out of the pushchair they will gladly carry it down and park it for you.
The toilets have baby changing facilities.
The theatre has a good rake to allow viewing for children
Good selection of snacks for kids in the foyer cafe/bar