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The Twits

15th May 2015
Roald Dahl, classic children’s author. I remember reading his books as a child and watching the endless film and TV adaptations. Kids love the gross factor he adds to a story and none more so than the evil couple ‘The Twits’. I always take my niece to the theatre for her birthday so this year’s treat is at the Royal Court Theatre.

The Royal Court Theatre really took the theme and ran with it. The children’s menu had worms with sauce a.k.a spaghetti and other bug related food. There were also two kids’ cocktails, one including an eye ball. My niece loved the drink but kept shuddering every time the eye ball floated past. It was almost a sell out production and I had struggled to get tickets, I ended up booking two seats in the dress circle slips so had braced myself for a bad view, crick in my neck and no legroom but on arrival they asked if we wanted to upgrade to the front row. I was sceptical as often theatres have very high stages and the front row has an awful view but this was completely the opposite. The view was amazing and loads of leg room. The stage came down at ankle level with the cage of monkeys right beside us.

The set looked like a junk yard, scattered items everywhere. Upturned chairs, old cans, rope, planks of wood, you name it. Centre stage had the Twits’ house as a circular room and this was used to great effect in the final scene. The story is not identical to the books, it just uses the characters and their quirks in a new story based around a stolen fairground and some maltreated fairground owners. The walzer boy, the dog trainer and the fortune teller. The monkeys are in the story but these ones can talk and they are the stars of the show in my eyes. When not speaking and not the star of the scene they often picked each other’s fur or pulled a monkey like expression, you could really think they were trained monkeys after a while. 😉 I heard someone in the interval moaning that Mr Twit was too posh but I thought he was just the right mix of posh and revolting. Mrs Twit was hilarious, her dirty teeth and glass eye added to the shrieks of disgust.. I did like their tricks, fooling each other that they were getting the shrinks, making Mr Twit eat worms and many trips and falls. Lots of good chances to boo them though, what a horrible, mean couple.

The show is aimed at ages 8+ and due to the scary nature of some scenes they don’t offer a babes in arms showing so unfortunately baby doesn’t come too. Also the length of the show might be too much, it was as long as an adult theatre performance. My niece loved it though and there were many adult paries without children so it appeals to everyone.

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