Streatham Food Festival

Streatham Food Festival

6th June 2015

Streatham is one of the finest places in London in my biased opinion. It has the suburban, country feel with independant shops and restaurants and friendly people where you are known in the shops, but still so close to central London. Absolutely love it. We also have so many festivals throughout the year, the Streatham Food Festival being one of my favourite.

Streatham Food Festival

The festival has a variety of events on offer but the main attraction for me is the food tour. This year over 30 restaurants participated, all offering 3 dishes ranging from 3 to 5 pounds each. The idea is similar to a pub crawl but a food crawl. This is my third year attending the food tour and there are still so many places I’ve not eaten. Sadly few establishments are baby friendly so many lack high chairs and changing facilities but we made do all the same. Betty tested her cruising in most of them, sneaking under tables and round chairs. The sun came out too so a great day out and about, even got Betty to keep her sunglasses and new home made sun hat on.

Earl Ferrers – great place to start the crawl. Amazing salmon tartare and tempura fried oyster, also great veal meatball on polenta. Washed down with a tasty craft beer, chosen after sampling the new offerings.

203 – not had Nigerian food before but gave it a go. The gizzards were good until my brain took over and stopped me eating any more, the thought is much worse than the reality. Also great suya, which is mixed meat. Betty particularly liked walking under the tables as they were just the right height when holding on to the chairs.

Rice Republic – heard amazing things about this Chinese restaurant but never had time to go. Salt and Chilli quid was fantastic and a nice beer too.

Pratts & Payne – tried two of their offerings here, they had more than the standard 3 dishes. Chorizo brushetta, huge portion and really tasty, followed by a scotch egg with mustard dressing, even better. Delicious with some cloudberry cider in the pub garden in the sun.

Maria’s Kitchen – closed for a wedding reception, what a clash of calendars!

Hamlet – More chorizo this time wine soaked and kebab style and a nice glass of chardonnay.

Fish Tale Рvoted best last year and I think I know why. The £5 plate also comes with a glass of sparkling wine! Had the same again this year, a meat mezze. A lovely end to the food crawl.

Baby friendly info:

All of the restaurants are family welcoming but not all have changing facilities or high chairs.

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  1. Thanks for the summary – we missed it this year due to a clash.
    In my experience there are quite a few places in Streatham with high chairs – perhaps demand was high for the festival?
    E.g. Hamlet, Brighton Way, Manor Arms, Hood, Addomme, Hideaway (upstairs cafe), etc.
    Also: Blossom’s Jungle gym isn’t really a restaurant but you can get a coffee and snack there while the little ones go wild on the indoor play centre.

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