Planet Ka – Unicorn Baby Theatre

Planet Ka

24th May 2015

The Unicorn theatre is specially for children, and often has baby friendly performances with play time as part of the experience. I have only been to shows here with my niece in the past, but they have always been brilliant. I remember the excellent ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ while I was 38 weeks pregnant. It’s great to here the excitement and comments from smaller audience members. I really think that performing for children is much more difficult than for adults. You need to capture their imagination and appeal to all of their senses.

Unicorn theatre

This baby friendly show is called Planet Ka. A make believe planet has been created out of various fabrics and fringes, including hills, mounds and caves. To start an actress explores the environment with dance and movement. The tiny audience are captivated, a few of the larger ones fight their parents to explore straight away but are successfully restrained. After lots of jumping, somersaulting and cart wheeling around, the actress invites us all to come and play.

That is when the fun really begins. The babies and toddlers are free to roam around. Feel the different textures and surfaces. Bounce in some craters. Climb up and then slide or roll down the hills. Hide in the igloo of lights. Great fun and a very sensory experience. Would have liked a bit more play time to fully explore all of the area, we were just getting into it when the gong chimed to signal the end.

In addition to the show, the Unicorn theatre set up a soft play area in the foyer for extra pre and post play time. Just outside the theatre, on the river side, there are also the fun spontaneous fountains to play in if the weather is warm.

Baby friendly info:

London Bridge station is step free (check for updates during renovation work)

The theatre put on a soft play area specially for the baby show.

There are changing facilities and a buggy park in the entrance which has a ramp.

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