4th May 2015

Our second base for the Scotland trip was Dornoch, on the East coast. Lovely small village with a stunning beach.

The village has a picturesque cathedral in the centre, which I spose makes it a city. There are a few shops and cafes. Great cakes and home-made pies. There is a museum which covers the history of Dornoch. A huge golf course with a view of the sea.

For me the best attraction was the beach. Betty’s first experience on the sand, at first she wasn’t keen, until she got her hands in it. Then she realised it is brilliant! We took a walk there in the afternoon, then back again after dinner. A sleeping Betty in the buggy missed the sunset, but gave me a workout pushing it on the sand!

A short drive up the coast, down the single track coast road, is a small sand bank covered in seals. If you visit at low tide you can’t miss them. At high tide, you might see the occasional head popping up. Also lots of Highland cows along that road so a nice little ride out.

Baby friendly info:

The cafes have high chairs and changing facilities.

The town centre is step free.

The beach has a ramp access, but pushing a buggy on the sand is hard work!


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