Paris Museums

3rd April 2015

Having lived in Paris in the past, I have visited most of the main museums, so on this trip we tried a few obscure ones. If you are visiting Paris museums, be prepared for the expense. They are not free like London unless you visit on the first Sunday of the month, but then the queues do build quickly so you can only fit a couple into the day.

Musée des arts et métiers

An inventors paradise. The museum follows technological advances through the years with lots of interactive areas and experiments to try. There are some early counting and arithmetic machines, some cogs and piston contraptions and the history of printing. It sounds quite dull if you’re not into science but it’s actually extremely interesting. I learnt how they first invented the metre and how to test the measurement worked (lots of triangles). Over the double height staircase hangs an aeroplane from 1897, entitled ‘avion 3’. It looks like a huge bat looming above us.

Musée Carnavalet, Histoire de Paris

This is a rarity in Paris, a free museum! They have a very peculiar entry procedure. They ask you to remove all metal from your pockets and place in your bags, you would then assume you walk through a scanner and place your bags in the x-ray machine. Neither happen, you then just get told to enter… no idea why you can’t have metal in your pockets.

The museum is in a lovely building, a former renaissance era hotel, with ornate courtyards between the rooms. The museum opened in 1880 to house wall paintings, sculptures and pictures for Paris. The collections have since been changed and added to, now displaying a wide range of artwork and decorative items.

Baby friendly info:

The musée des arts et métiers has lifts and is a step free museum.

The musée carnavalet has many stairs so a baby carrier is advised.


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