Notre Dame no hunchback

Notre Dame

3rd April 2014

Paris has many famous landmarks, this one brought to worldwide fame by a lonely hunchback. The Notre Dame Cathedral is on an island in the Seine called the Île de la Cité, reached by numerous bridges.

Notre Dame Cathedral

There have been various religious buildings on the site before the current Notre Dame began construction in the 1100s. The architecture is famous for its gargoyles and flying buttresses. Make sure you also get a good view from behind. There is a lovely park at the back of the cathedral and the architecture from that side is also stunning but often overlooked for viewing the western facade.

No matter when you visit, it is likely you will have to queue to get in. It’s quite a fast moving queue as not a one in- one out policy. We queued in the rain so it was pretty miserable but there are always the opportunist street sellers, this time with umbrellas.


The public are ushered around the edge of the cathedral to prevent disturbing the ceremonies and masses. The internal architecture is equally impressive and the stained glass windows are stunning. There are a couple of stairs inside, but all wide and easy to navigate with a buggy.

You can also visit the tower and the crypt, these also often have long queues, are not free like the main cathedral and definitely need a baby carrier to access.

Baby friendly info:

The outside and entrance of the Notre Dame are step free.

There are a couple of wide stairs inside but easy to navigate with a pushchair.

The tower and crypt are not pushchair accessible.



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