Cinderella Exhibition

7th April 2015

To mark the opening of the new live action Disney Cinderellla film, there was a free exhibition in Leciester Square showcasing the costume and props from the film. We had an inset day at nursery so went along for a look.


Even with the free tickets, there was a bit of a queue, but this at least prevents overcrowding inside. It was partially guided with each room having a representative to say a few words about the exhibits and the film. The first room had sketches from the original animation and an interactive book.

The second room was decorated as Cinderella’s father’s study and had the evil stepmother and ugly sister costumes. Swarovski were a partner in the film, so most costumes had a high bling count. Over 1.7 million crystals across the film costumes, wigs and props!

The next room had a magical feel, we walked into a giant pumpkin, through the mirrored and fairy lighted centre, out to the glass carriage as if the fairy godmother commanded it. Here we could get a photo taken also. This led to the ballroom where the ball gowns were on display with Cinderella and the Prince rotating in the centre. The Cinderella gown has 8 layers and over 110,000 Swarovski crystals giving it the depth and sparkle. The highlight of the room is the actual glass slipper from the film. This is a real shoe made from glass and was actually worn in the film. Only for close ups though not for walking…

The final room had information about the actors and a further large queue for the virtual glass slipper experience. I queued just for Betty. It was pretty tough with her tiny foot but they managed to get a virtual glass slipper to fit, I just had to hold her leg in place which was easier said than done. A pretty snazzy app really. The close up set the toe and heel position, a magic wand wafted around and the glass slipper superimposed on the video of the foot. They they took two freeze frames, one close up of the foot and slipper, and one further back of the whole chair, person and slipper. Both emailed to you for free.

Obviously exit through the gift shop but surprisingly few items of merchandise to buy so I wasn’t tempted by anything, phew!

Baby friendly info:

No pushchairs are allowed into the exhibition so baby carrier essential. Pushchairs are left by the security guards at the entrance.

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