Minatura – NEC – Doll’s House heaven


28th March 2015

Bit behind on my blogging and been doing so much so loads to write. Popped to the NEC for the day to see both small houses and huge houses. First the doll’s houses then the house renovation exhibition. Not sure which I liked best!


After being given a Victorian style doll’s house recently, I can’t wait to get started on decorating and furnishing it. My family started the work so the outside is painted, the roof is tiled and one room is decorated with wooden floor, wallpaper and dining set. Just 5 more rooms and 3 hallways to finish then!

The exhibition isn’t huge but there is a great variety of tiny items to buy. Most are 1/12th scale but some people want even smaller so there is also sometimes 1/24th scale. There is also a huge range of budgets, from mass produced furniture and dolls to hand made intricate items. I was very well behaved and only bought a cardboard toy theatre, absolutely tiny, and a bevelled mirror. I am amazed how many items come in miniature, individual bathroom tiles, old fashioned boxes of aspirin and even a chemist’s lab.

A few places offered workshops, one being the British Polymer Clay Guild which are trying to encourage people to make their own miniature food. We learnt how to make tiny parsnips. Simple when you know how. The hardest part was mixing the four colours together to get the right yellow shade, including translucent which allows the light to flow and the food to look more realistic. The colouring and details were added using pastel dust and a razor blade, being careful not to create chopped parsnips!

Baby friendly info:

London Euston train station is step free, the tube station has escalators.

Birmingham International station is step free with lifts

The walk from the station to the exhibition halls is step free and the NEC has many changing facilities.


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