Ready Steady Colour – children’s theatre

Children's theatre

21st March 2015

A cancelled lunch appointment meant we could use last minute tickets to some children’s theatre. Betty loves a performance and this one included some messy painting so what could be better.

The theme of the immersive show was a restaurant where instead of eating the food you get to colour it. The room and furniture where decorated in the classic kid’s outline style, all white with thick black outlines. Like going into some kind of play school tv show.


Ready Steady Colour

Two waiters (actors) took our orders from the menu, using a variety of styles. Fast, rude, shy, bouncy. Made the kids giggle. Each choice had a brilliantly drawn depiction of food; fish and chips, turkey roast, spaghetti and meatballs, cupcake or cheese and biscuits. The head chef brought our food around which were ready for us to colour in and add sparkles.

The waiters then sang a song about the condiments on our tables. Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, i.e. red paint, yellow paint and glue. Salt and Pepper a.k.a. glitter. The head chef came round and also secretly gave us blue cheese sauce (blue paint) which would be the downfall of one of the waiters later. He is right, no food is blue! All of the kids had plastic overalls so the mess was harmless. There were even a couple of highchairs so Betty could go crazy and not make a mess of me!

We had some fun painting, Betty covered her hands and face mainly but she was getting the most out of it with two paintbrushes at once. There were also a few more songs telling food stories and the main back story regarding one of the waiters loving the head chef. Most of the kids were more interested in the painting but Betty stopped to stare at the performers. I really think she’s going to be a theatre lover like me.

The art behind the show

Baby friendly info:

The show is performed at many venues:

Camden: The Camden Lock venue has a few steps to the entrance and Camden Town station is not step free. There are baby changing facilities in Camden Lock Market but these have a fee.

The show provides highchairs and baby sized plastic overalls.