Curious – baby theatre

Baby theatre

7th March 2015

Finally managed to get tickets to a show appropriate for Betty’s age, it’s amazing how quickly the baby theatre┬ásells out. She will be well adjusted to the art of getting tickets to plays with famous celebrities when she’s older. I was in an online queue for two hours to get Hamlet tickets starring Benedict Cumberbatch, 18months before he’s even in it! Maybe once Betty is older wanting to go to the theatre you will have to apply in advance of them even announcing dates and title. The spontaneity of life will be gone ­čÖü

The show Curious is touring the children’s theatres, it’s a mixture of performance and messy play and is aimed at the under threes. We saw it at the Half Moon theatre which has a great variety of children’s shows. It’s easily accessible from the step free station of Limehouse on the DLR. This performance had some mats laid out so that the tiny audience could sit close by, then regular seating at the back for extra adults or shy children. As the audience was mainly under threes, there needed adults on the mats too to stop them all crawling or toddling into the performance. I really noticed Betty as a little person and not a baby any more. I sat her at the front and she instantly crawled back to me and climbed up to sit in my lap instead. Gone are the days where she stays where she is put.

It’s a one woman show with limited dialogue and lots of actions. The white dressed lady is making a cake for her dog’s birthday. She has lots of utensils that make different noises and some soil and dirt to make a great mud pie. She ends up in a right mess and then had lots of fun cleaning up again which dancing. Lots of little giggles as the mud plopped and squelched.

Once the performance is over, there are bowls of soil and utensils for the little ones to have their own fun. No water so the mess is to a minimum. Betty preferred to empty the soil on  the floor and use the bowl as a drum with her whisk and spoon at drumsticks. Also she wanted to chew everything as usual. She had a great time, barely moving during the show due to her usual theatre intoxication.

Baby theatre


Baby friendly info:

Limehouse station is step free

The Half Moon Theatre has a lift for pushchairs.

There are changing facilities.