Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery

15th January 2015

There seems to be so much to do in the East of London, I think it is my most visited area while on maternity leave. The Whitechapel Gallery is another new venue for us, but so baby friendly!

Whitechapel Gallery

We visited The Found Monochromes exhibition, which is amazing for something so simple. The artist David Batchelor has collated 20years worth of photographs, taken all over the world, where the subject is a white rectangle. Blank posters and signs on all different backgrounds and locations, 500 in total. The video looping through all of them is mesmerising.

The lift to each floor, or mid floor is pretty cool. It opens on three sides and goes half floors so that you can reach every part of the gallery.

There is a great exhibition of the paperwork and designs behind commissioned sculptures. Many caused controversy so didn’t get realised. One that did get built is the Karl Marx memorial.

The cafe on the ground floor is lovely with great cakes and table service.

Baby friendly info:

The whole gallery is step free.

There are baby changing facilities and high chairs.

The gallery runs baby friendly tours before the gallery opens, called Crib Notes, these can be booked online.