Baby’s first bauble

Baby's first bauble

December 2014

Rather than buy a mass produced baby’s first Christmas bauble, I decided to knit one and make up my own pattern. Quite simple really if you know how to knit using five needles. I always get a bit tangled using the stuff as you go method, so prefer to get the knitting going, transfer to four needles then sew up the gap, after stuffing, at the end.

To make my pattern I used squared paper (or excel with square cells) and measured 40 wide by 10 high and filled the squares to spell out Betty’s 1st Christmas. Then used that to determine which colour to knit on the middle part of the bauble.
Cast on four stitches
R1: kfb to end (8)
R2: kfb to end (16)
R3: p
R4: kfb, k1 to end (24)
R5: p
R6: kfb, k2 to end (32)
R7: p
R8: kfb, k3 to end (40)
Transfer onto 4 needles
R9-18: knit as pattern
R19: k2tog, k3 to end (32)
R20: k
R21: k2tog, k2 to end (24)
R22: k
R23: k2tog, k1 (16)
R24: k
R25: k2tog to end (8)
R26: k2tog to end (4)
cast off

bauble pattern