Wedding Dresses

16th December 2014

Isn’t it great when you discover you have a friend who can get you into stuff for free! I always seem to know people who have friends with great perks but never had any myself, all change when I have a friend working at the V&A!

The Wedding Dress Exhibition has been on my to do list for a while now, so pleased I have finally seen it. It follows wedding dress fashions through the years, explaining why white is worn and when lace and sleeves were introduced and removed. Each exhibit has been donated by a particular person and it details who was married in it so it feels like a glimpse into someone else’s life.

Exhibition info

The ground floor covers about 100 years of wedding dress fashion and has a short video with some royal weddings. The fashions changed greatly during war rationing and any fabric was used. Many used upholstery fabric which was easier to obtain during rationing, so this led to different colours and textures. The upper floor continues into the 60s and to modern day and has some celebrity wedding dresses. Dita von Teese’s wedding dress is a huge skirted, vibrant purple number. There is also Gwen Steffani’s Dior, pink dip dyed dress and, my favourite, Kate Moss’ dress with sequinned phoenix feathers. Also also their husband’s suits on display. The Duchess of Cornwall’s civil ceremony outfit is on display along with dresses from cultures which don’t wear white. The huge influence of Vera Wang is detailed and a copy of the instructions which come with her dresses to ensure it looks its best on the big day.

Around the exhibition is the permanent fashion displays which also have some fantastic examples of clothing through history. We continued to have our lunch is the excellent cafe in the grand panelled rooms with chandeliers. They have high chairs so I could feed Betty while having a great sausage roll and salad lunch.

Baby friendly info:

The V&A is a step free museum. The main entrance has ramps. There are changing facilities and highchairs.

The Wedding Dress Exhibition is over 2 floors but there is a lift to reach the upper level.