Santa’s Grotto

Santas Grotto

3rd December 2014

Miles behind on blogging as constantly have to keep evacuating my house due to the worst workmen ever known. They will get no recommendations from me and a negative review on MyBuilder… Living back at home now but the place is filthy and they work a little in every room each day so no way to keep it clean.

While we were still at home and able to go out in London, Betty met Father Christmas and he was excellent. Not only that, he wasn’t a commercialised, money making conveyor belt, he was free and generous. We visited the grotto in Duke of York Square near Sloane Square, you can book online for a slot or turn up and queue. We booked but there was no-one waiting when we came out so didn’t need to. Might be busier now we’re getting closer to Christmas.

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You go into the log cabin as a group and all sit on the floor as Father Christmas has a chat with the children, our group was all pre-talkers so the mums did some chatting on the kids’ behalf. There are framed pictures of each of the reindeer on the wall so we heard about each of them. We were asked to put carrots out for the reindeer and to remember that we’d get no presents unless we were asleep in our own bed, so Betty is likely to not get any…

We then took it in turns to put the babies on his knee while a professional photo was taken and emailed to us for free. Also possible to get a second photo with mum (or dad) and baby, one on each knee! Even better was that you could take as many photos as you wanted with your own camera/phone. Not an option offered at the numerous grottos which charge per photo.

Betty must know there are many Father Christmas impersonators around as she gave his beard a good yank to check it was real. Luckily this was the real man himself so no problem there and he didn’t seem to mind either. We collected our bag of sweets and were on our way. Excellent experience.

Baby friendly info:

Sloane Square is not a step free station.

The log cabin has room for pushchairs inside while you meet Father Christmas