London Gothic

London Gothic

19th November 2014

If you’re into the creepy and odd, the London Gothic exhibition at the London Metropolitan Archives is for you. It’s only small but there are lots of artefacts and interesting stories to read. Tales of witchcraft, body snatching and murder. Many of it seems like the popular stories of today either in teen cult dramas or tabloid headlines, times have not changed much.

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There are many tales of murder including the hangings at Tyburn and an Earl Ferrers (also a pub near me) who was one of the few noblemen hanged for killing his steward. Also a ghost story from Cock Lane (near Farringdon station) which came back to bite the culprits but became famous enough to be mentioned by Dickens and illustrated by Hogarth.

There is a small curtained off area where the circus freak tales are hidden including a ‘mermaid’ which was believed to be real and sold tickets for viewings. Later it was proven to be man made which seemed obvious to me as it was a bit ridiculous looking.


We are still fascinated by this macabre today, back then the newspapers with these tales were called Broadsides and then Penny Dreadfuls, now a TV series.

Baby friendly info:

Farringdon station is step free

The exhibition is on the first floor but can be reached by lift