Hungry Caterpillar

12th November 2014

Finally finished my knitting project after 4 months of procrastination!! My friend gave me the idea of a hungry caterpillar outfit for Betty 4 months ago but handmade ones were expensive and had a 5 week lead time which I thought was too long, ha! I should have known I would not have time to complete one any quicker. It didn’t help that I disliked the first hat I made and ordered a second set of wool in different thickness. Finally got my act together this week though and made the body one stripe longer, as Betty has grown since I started the project. Quite pleased with the result 🙂


I started with this pattern but soon decided to do my own thing and just alternate colours and stitches per band. I really only used the hat pattern but changed that to rib, the eyes and antennae are as per pattern.