Cinderella walk

12th November 2014

There are tons of free walks organised within London, many short and step free so perfect for attending with a baby when the weather turns out fine. GoToMidtown organises free walks around Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles. Today was the Cinderella walk about the early life of Nell Gwyn, mistress to King Charles II. We visited where she grew up, worked and acted. She was a real rags to riches story as she grew up in a brothel and her mother died in a ditch but her sons became a duke and an earl. She progressed from orange seller to actress and was the only mistress of King Charles II to improve his public appeal.

GoToMidtown walks

The walks either start outside Holborn tube station or their office on New Oxford St. The second instalment of Nell Gwyn’s life is on Friday lunchtime

Baby friendly info:

The Cinderella walk is step free as are most if not all of the walks.

The lunchtime walks are only 45minutes long so no need to entertain a baby for too long. Many babies prefer being pushed around in their pram to anything else!