Homemade vests


28th October 2014

The one good thing that came out of a poorly baby for a couple of days, was extra sewing time as she slept. Finally caught up and finished the two vests for Betty. I ordered fabric from Spoonflower which is an amazing site which either lets you upload your own design and get it printed onto a fabric of your choice or use designs that other people have released. Unfortunately it’s only in the US so does work out pricey but some of the designs are too good to resist. I ordered a geek baby design which had 3 vest patterns, one Harry Potter (which I haven’t bothered with), the tenth Doctor and the eleventh Doctor. Very easy to make. I hadn’t bought my overlocker then so completed them both using zigzag stitch instead. The Doctor always wanted to be ginger. Betty now just has to decide if she prefers David Tennant or Matt Smith 🙂 And she will not be allowed my sonic screwdriver again!