WWI Ancestors

11th September 2014

In the past I have missed many good events in the Lambeth Heritage month but one of the joys of maternity leave is being able to go to day time events. Today a talk on how to find your WWI ancestors. I asked in advance if Betty could come and they had no problem with this, luckily she was also trying to win the perfect baby award again so the only noise out of her in the 2 hours was one burp after a feed.

The talk was excellent, WWI history, ¬†explanations of the military information available, things to watch out for such as¬†changing countries, boundaries and names, and much more. The talk also had a representative from the Black Cultural Archives as tracing African and Caribbean ancestors is more difficult due to lost records. The talk was in Clapham library which I hadn’t been to before, it’s lovely, a huge spiral of books.

Black Cultural Archives

A very interesting thing I learnt is that the Lambeth libraries, and probably many more, have a subscription to ancestry which can be used for free and documents downloaded. I think I will be spending lots of time in the library once I have first quizzed my grandparents so I know where to start.

Lambeth Heritage Festival

Baby friendly info:

Clapham library is step free

There are many baby friendly events as part of the Lambeth Heritage Festival