Ow, paper cut!

Paper craft

7th September 2014

Visiting all of these free and cheap exhibitions, while making my maternity leave savings go further, means I am discovering new venues all the time. This morning was a trip to East London to the Proud Archivist. Would have been an easy, step free journey if the overgound (a.k.a. scum train) was running! Instead I got two buses and walked along the canal. A very nice walk too, excellent place for a jog if I wasn’t pushing a pushchair which is exercise itself.

Currently showing in this gallery space is an exhibition of some fantastic cut paper. Most of the exhibits are the originals, some are photographic copies which are also for sale. Two amazing pictures, using only white paper, are a horse and a dragon. Difficult to get any decent photos as the lights reflect off of the glass. There are some 3D exhibits, some Montgolfier style balloons, a town scene and a grab machine (like the Toy Story Aliens live in, are they called grab machines?). Two very colourful pictures include paper quilling as well as cutting, having tried paper quilling at a WI meeting I know how hard it is so I’m even more amazed by these.

Exhibition info

At the weekends there are free paper cutting workshops, which is why I visited today. The theme this week was Fun at the Fair, so the options were to make tin cans for knocking over, ducks for hooking, rats for splatting or, the most tricky, coconuts for the shy. I opted for the most difficult/time consuming but it actually didn’t involve any cutting as these templates had been machine cut. The fiddly part was the glueing, especially when Betty decided she wanted to sit on my lap and grab at everything. I amazingly succeeded to make an almost coconut type thing and even managed to knock it off the shy!

Before I left I had a quick cuppa in the swanky looking bar/cafe/restaurant. The teapot was too fancy for me though, more like a coffee percolator and the tea comes out of the bottom when you press on the cup. I was looking for a button and hadn’t noticed the tea pouring out, overflowing my cup and filling my saucer too. I did not do a ‘Compo’ and then drink the tea in the saucer, but I did think about it.

Baby friendly info:

The Proud Archivist is step free but make sure you get to the canal side step free, otherwise there are a few steps if you enter via the road behind it.

There are changing facilities in the disabled toilet.