Craft show

Craft Show

5th September 2014

Really into the crafts at the moment so popped to Esher for a craft show. Mainly stalls selling the equipment for different crafts but there are always workshops to try your hand at something and learn a new skill. This time I tried encaustic art, glass sun catcher making and silk cocoon flowers.

Craft Show info

Encaustic art is a strange thing, melting wax (like crayons) onto an iron then wiping it over some paper. Similar to other crafts which involve heat, the end result is very unpredictable so don’t spend too long planning. We learnt the steps to create a landscape. White and blue smeared over makes a sky, green and brown wiped in a wave motion makes hills and fields. Pressing the paper onto the iron forms amazing patterns which look like shrubbery and plants. And basically that is it, a few flourishes can be added with the edge and tip of the iron but I was afraid to do too much after it actually looked half decent.


The sun catcher class was equally simple, mainly as the glass had been pre cut. We covered the edges of the glass in sticky back copper, and flattened it on securely with a plastic spatula. Next to the slightly trickier bit, soldering the pieces together. A quick wipe with some flux then the soldering can begin, quick movements to move the solder around and prevent large blobs forming. I didn’t tell them that I have an electronic engineering degree in case my soldering was awful. Turns out I still remember how to do it.

Final workshop was more of a woman talking and making jokes, interspersed with some cutting. The aim was to make flowers from silk cocoons. Some were bleached white and some dyed vibrant colours, but still any could contain the remnants of a silk worm which I found to my horror while practice cutting. The samples looked very impressive but we didn’t actually end with any complete pieces, mainly due to not being given beads or fixings. So I had an array of strangely cut up pieces instead.

Baby friendly info:

Esher station is not step free. Luckily the shuttle bus driver helped me with the pushchair up and down the stairs of the overpass for the return train journey.

Sandown Park is step free and has baby changing facilities.