15th September 2014

After passing a strange blow up silver construction on Clapham Common, I thought I’d better check out the attraction. Colourscape is a series of tunnels, each a different colour, forming a vibrant sensory light experience. There are a series of workshops and sessions where musicians play in the tunnels, but it is also open to the public without the music.

Colourscape info

Between 12 -1 on weekdays the tunnels are open to the public, so there was a queue of parents and toddlers/babies when we arrived. At only £4 for an adult and an under 2 I’m not surprised. We were each given a coloured tabard on entry and took our shoes off in the first pod. I’d already transferred Betty to the baby carrier so that we could move around more easily and she could get a decent look. The view is striking immediately, the tunnels change colours into the distance and the light mixes the colours in between. We are soon lost after taking turns in each direction following the colour patterns around the labyrinth. My eyes take time to adjust as we change pod and colour and some people disappear into the wall depending on their tabard colour. The kids are loving it and many are laid on the floor staring at the colour effects.

A fantastic sensory experience even without the music.

Baby friendly info:

Buggies can be parked safely inside the enclosure, you need to carry babies inside.