When baby sleeps… cook!


27th July 2014

It’s an excellent morning when Betty sleeps, that is the most reliable time of day to try and get things done. This morning I had two harvests from my garden which needed attention before they went bad. I haven’t managed to harvest much this year as not been able to do much gardening for the last 6 months and the foxes have beaten me. The two crops that need no attention from me are the cherry plums and blackberries. I was a bit late picking the cherry plums so many had gone to waste on the floor but I got enough to make a couple of jars of jam. I used this recipe and it tastes great!

Plum Jam

As I had family coming to visit later I also thought I’d better make a cake. I already have cupboards full of blackberry jam as my garden is covered in brambles. This is a tried and tested recipe and always comes out great.

Apple & Blackberry Upside Down Cake