1st July 2014

Not officially baby comes too as Betty stayed at home. But it is doable as a baby day out as long as you just want the vibe and atmosphere and don’t actually want to enter any show courts. You can however visit the other outdoor courts but I would feel uncomfortable with a noisy baby disturbing play. There were many people wandering the grounds with pushchairs and slings. Henman Hill/ Murray Mound is the perfect picnic venue.

I didn’t take Betty as I had Centre Court tickets, a sudden cry from a baby would be chaotic in the strict Wimbledon silence. Initially I was disappointed to not be there on a Murray day, but the matches we saw were so nail bitingly tense it turned out to be one of the best days to be there.

In the first match, Sharapova sent Kerber all over the court but she wasn’t going out without a fight and took many shots while almost sat on the grass. It turns out she wasn’t going out at all and Sharapova was the one to leave. Three very tense sets where it could have gone either way at any moment.

We picked the ideal time for food, the other courts must have been still in play as the Cafe Pergola was almost empty. We hadn’t managed to eat in this restaurant previously due to the crowds and they serve my favourite, cream tea. We had a salad and shared a cream tea sat under the parasol outside. I love that all of Wimbledon flora is colour coordinated in white, purple and green.


We were back in our seats in time for the Nadal match against the wild card youngster Kyrgios. It started with a bang with Nadal losing the first set, but he has done that all championship so nothing to get excited about. The rest of the match however kept us on tenterhooks. The Aussies in the crowd were chanting like we were at a football match, cleverly stopping just before serves to prevent being kicked out by the umpire. Kyrgios thrived on the support and even won a point by hitting the ball through his legs. After he won the third set through a tie break he had the confidence to thrash Nadal in the fourth set to win the match. The crowd went wild and everyone was upstanding.

Too tired to watch the third match, so had a pub dinner and got the train back to Betty. Luckily she was hungry as I was bursting…


Baby friendly info:

Wimbledon mainline/tube station has a lift (~20min walk to ground)

Southfields tube station has a lift (~10min walk to ground)

Wimbledon grounds are mainly flat/ramped, there are some changing facilities.

Official Wimbledon baby info