Big girls don’t cry but baby ones do

26th June 2014

Weekly cinema trip with Betty, I think I see more films now than before I was a mother. This week was Jersey Boys which I couldn’t wait for having seen the stage show. It lived up to my expectations. I was singing along and attempting to move my feet in time with their choreographed steps. I was so engrossed that when Betty woke up and started crying, I took her to the back of the screen to try and soothe her as I hadn’t noticed it was time for her feed, the hours had flown by! Once I latched her on she was content to eat and sleep for the remainder of the film which was perfect for me and her.

Film info

Everyone should see this film and the stage show, I don’t think people realise how many of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons songs they know. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You is a classic of course.


Baby friendly info:

Pushchairs and Prams are left in the cinema foyer so step free access is not needed. 

You can take car seats, slings and changing bags into the showing.

Ticket includes hot drink (and biscuits/pastries at Clapham but not at Brixton)

Jersey Boys