Baby Senses

24th June 2014

As much as I like a day out for me with Betty in tow, we do also go to classes for her. Today we tried a baby sensory class. She is still a bit young, at only 7 weeks, but she it very alert and likes stimulation so I thought I’d test it out. She seemed to be the youngest there but not the smallest by far, she’s going to be a giant I think.

The class aims to stimulate all of a baby’s senses with the help of props. We all sat in a large square with our babies laid in front of us. Most babies laid calmly and stared here and there, a few cried and needed to be held, Betty laid flailing her arms and legs wildly messing up the nice, neat mats and almost punching the babies around her. She just won’t stop moving!

We did a range of activities over the hour, tickling with a feather, shaking a maraca, singing songs, signing words and some massage and body movement. Betty seems to like it, in fact she only cried in the pauses between activities. She really wants constant stimulation, it’s exhausting!

Now we just need to work out which class clashes least with our busy schedule!